Top 7 Essential Features to Check in a CRM Software

In any business, creating a solid customer-business relationship is vital for success. So, customer relationship management (CRM) comes in handy to enable businesses to manage how they relate with their customers and streamline processes for more efficiency, productivity, and customer experience. CRM can also help increase sales and maintain customer loyalty. However, your CRM software will only be effective if it has the right features. Therefore, when choosing construction CRM, ensure it comes with the following elements.

Workflow Automation

CRM is essential software that helps in workflow automation. It allows you to set up automation rules so your team can be productive. This feature eliminates manual work and legwork from hectic tasks like tracking ores, controlling inventory, and processing orders. It also allows you to add abilities to your fields. So, if you need software that allows you to customize according to your needs, ensure it comes with the customization feature.

Employee Tracking

If you want to monitor your employee progress and performance, CRM provides the opportunity. Because of its employee tracking feature, each employee can have an account that allows you to track tasks, goals, and hours. It also lets you view completed tasks and other metrics for productivity. With employee tracking, it becomes easy to manage your workers.

Analytics and Reporting

CRM software should also have analytics that offers customer data that provides insights into the best decisions to make on products and services. So, ensure the software allows you to segment customers simply and provides clear profits and loss data to determine ROI. Reporting also collects your sales and marketing information to understand leads and the sales generated in a certain period. It also helps report the effectiveness of your marketing and staging opportunities for more growth.

Customer Service

The software also helps you get new customers and retain the existing ones by ensuring you are providing top-notch services. It automatically tracks communication points from lead generation to closed sales. CRM also provides a personalized experience by using the client’s first name.


Businesses are different, so CRM has a customization feature that allows businesses to choose what they want based on their needs.

Lead Management

It is essential to generate leads for your business. So, with a lead management feature, you can know your leads and where they are coming from. This feature helps you know which sector of your business is performing well in bringing in new customers. This way, you can apply re-engagement measures for more customers.

Social Media

CRM also comes with a social media feature that helps in marketing. With the feature, you don’t need to switch platforms to perform tasks. You can use the same platform for marketing as you monitor work progress. With the feature, you can perform social media tasks like checking social media channels, getting details of your customers, and managing tasks on social media like posting and responding to comments.

Last Words

CRM software is a valuable asset in a business because it effectively manages operations and workers. With these features, you can quickly scale your needs to improve productivity and maintain customer relationships.

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