The Best Neighborhoods in Birmingham, AL

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, eclectic neighborhood or a tranquil, suburban oasis, you’ll find what you’re seeking in the Birmingham area. With so many great neighborhoods to choose from, it’s easy to see why Birmingham is one of the most popular cities in Alabama. From historic estates to affordable condos, there’s something here for you and your family. Here is a list of the best neighborhoods in the city for those searching out Birmingham homes for sale

Five Points South

If you’re looking for a diverse and exciting neighborhood, Five Points South is a great choice. Located just south of downtown, Five Points South is one of the city’s most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find a mix of art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs — the perfect location for young professionals looking to enjoy a bit of culture and nightlife at the same time. The historic homes and buildings give the area a unique, charming character, while still keeping up with modern times. Five Points South is also home to University of Alabama at Birmingham campus, making this a great location for those looking to head back to school in the near future.


A central neighborhood with easy access to the city’s many amenities, Lakeview is the perfect place for just about anyone looking for a home in Birmingham. Located just north of downtown, Lakeview is a vibrant, bustling neighborhood where you can find everything from grocery stores and restaurants to art galleries and theaters. 

Lakeview is also an ideal spot for those who love outdoor activities, as it’s home to several public parks and lakes, hence the name. You’ll also be just a short walk away from the Birmingham Museum and the Civil Rights Institute, some of the most popular and historic destinations in the city, where you can learn about the culture and history of Birmingham, and about our country as a whole.

Mountain Brook

Looking outside of the downtown area, Mountain Brook is technically a suburb but it’s worth mentioning if you’re looking for a more posh, affluent neighborhood. Located just east of the city, this upscale area features sprawling estates, lush green spaces, and plenty of trails where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll. Mountain Brook is an idyllic suburb, perfect for those who prefer the quieter side of life.

Mountain Brook is consistently voted one of the best places to live, not just in the Birmingham area but in the entire state of Alabama. With that being said, you can expect to pay a little more for a home in this area. If you’re working with a strict budget, sticking closer to downtown Birmingham may make more sense.


Another suburb of Birmingham, Homewood gives off a quaint, rural feel for anyone who wants to avoid the big city hustle and bustle. Just south of Birmingham, the Homewood neighborhood features a mix of small-town charm and modern amenities. Here you’ll find tree-lined streets, quiet parks, and an array of quaint shops and restaurants that anyone can enjoy. Just south of Homewood, you’ll also find Vestavia Hills, another great option. Both of these areas are considered some of the safest in the Birmingham area and have terrific schools, perfect for growing families looking to relocate..

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