5 Reasons Why a Lift Chair is a Must For Anyone With Limited Mobility

Having limited mobility can be extremely challenging, especially once you’ve sat down and you need to get back up again. How frustrating that the simplest actions become difficult to complete! And it can happen to anyone since the trouble with mobility can come from several factors, the most significant being old age and injury recovery.

For this reason, many Australians are investing in an electric recliner chair—not only do these recliners provide superior comfort, but they also assist the person in standing up without too much hassle. If you think you may need one, now or in future, keep reading!

What Exactly is a Lift Chair?

If someone has recommended you get a lift chair, you may be wondering what it is and if you really need one. Essentially, a lift recliner—as they’re more commonly known—is a chair that has been designed to assist a person in a seated position to stand up.

These types of chairs work by lifting and then tilting forward at the simple push of a button. Firstly, this means that if you want to sit down, you simply press the button and the chair will tilt up, making it easier for you to sit down. There’s no need to bend your back or strain your hips to get seated.

If you’re in the chair and you want to stand up, a simple press of the button will push the chair forward. You will then be able to stand up without having to strain too much or overexert certain muscles and joints. It’s almost as if the chair is pushing you out and there’s no need to press down on armrests to try and get up without injury.

Once up, you can reach for your walker or walking stick if necessary.

Top Benefits of Using a Lift Chair

Recent statistics show that over 4,4 million people in Australia suffer from some type of disability. That averages out to 1 in 5 people. Additionally, 2,4% suffer from moderate mobility, which means they may be able to get around, but actions such as standing up or sitting down can be difficult.

It’s therefore easy to see why practitioners across Australia are recommending that people with limited mobility invest in an electric lift chair for the rooms where they spend most of their day.

Let’s take a look at the most significant ways these chairs can assist you or a loved one.

1.     Assists With Getting Up and Sitting Down Safely

For many elderly people or those who have suffered a spine or hip injury, getting in and out of a chair can be difficult. Furthermore, it can increase the risk of further injury.

A lift chair reduces the strain on your back, hips and even legs as it gently nudges you out of the chair into an almost standing position. This process makes it easy for anyone living alone to get in and out of their chair by themselves.

2.     Provides Comfortable Seating

In addition to aiding you to safely get in and out of the chair, lift chairs are also superiorly comfortable. They provide relief for muscle and joint stiffness and can provide some pain relief.

This feature makes these chairs ideal for anyone recovering from injury or even surgery.

More good news is that some models have massage and heating features to increase comfort and relaxation.

3.     Promotes Regular Circulation

Since lift chairs make it easy to keep your legs elevated, it’s a good way to increase circulation. Patients suffering from fluid retention in their legs will notice a significant improvement by keeping their legs comfortably raised. In some cases, keeping your legs elevated assists with pain and injury recovery.

4.     Enables a Sleeping Option

Another excellent feature of these chairs is that they can also function as a comfortable sleeping area. If it’s difficult to get up and go to another room for a nap while you’re recovering, you can comfortably sleep on your lift chair with your legs elevated.

Having a chair like this means you don’t have to be uncomfortable until you can get to your bed. Many people who are using the chair for injury recovery even opt to sleep in the chair every day until recovery enables them to move about a bit easier.

5.     Assists Your Care Giver

Another aspect that makes a lift chair a valuable asset is that it also makes your caregiver’s job a little easier. In some cases, trying to lift an elderly or injured person out of a chair can lead to one of the parties getting injured or straining a muscle.

Having a lift chair means the furniture will do most of the work. Your carer can then easily reach you to maneuver you into a wheelchair or move you closer to your walker.

Final Thought

If you’re looking for the best way to provide yourself or a loved one with comfortable seating, it may be time to invest in a quality tilt chair. In addition to providing positions for comfortable sitting or sleeping, you’ll also be making it super easy to sit down or stand up if you struggle with mobility.

Since there are so many design and colour options, you can easily find a chair that ticks all the boxes in terms of functionality AND aesthetics!

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