5 Tips on Choosing the Right Relationship Counsellor

It’s no secret that every relationship takes work—whether that’s a relationship with your co-workers or your lover. However, not every relationship is worth going to counselling for. When you and your partner decide to go for relationship counselling Melbourne locals are a good start for guidance, as they can provide you with trustworthy reviews based on their experience with professionals in the area.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few things to consider when choosing the right counsellor. You’d want a counsellor you can journey with over a long period of time. When it comes to couples counselling Melbourne offers a few professional options to choose from, and having a list of things to consider when picking your therapist, would be helpful.

Consider Their Qualifications

Not all counsellors and life coaches that operate are qualified. It’s important to ask for their training background and possible references. If they’ve had previous training, it means they’re more equipped to assist you with your relationship or marital problems. Any decent counsellor would have no objection to providing you with proof of their training.

In addition to training, their professional experience is just as important. Depending on the depth of your marital problems, you may benefit more from a counsellor with a few years’ experience, rather than one that is new to the field.

Compare Costs

The journey of couples counselling will most probably mean several sessions. It’s advised to approach a fair-priced counsellor, keeping in mind that someone with a lot of experience will be more expensive than one that is new to the profession.

Compare costs between at least three counsellors, and ask what offers they have. Some may offer free sessions after every five visits, or at least a discounted rate.

Plan for the financial aspects of a couple’s counselling journey so your budget doesn’t become another topic to fight over. Also, you wouldn’t want to stop counselling after a few sessions because you weren’t prepared for the costs associated with it.

Along with the costs, also compare their methods. There are different methodologies therapists may use, and evidence-based techniques should be your first choice, as these techniques have been tested and proven to be successful.

Choose Someone Who Shares Your Beliefs

During counselling, couples tend to feel more comfortable with counsellors who share their beliefs. This is especially true for couples who have strong religious backgrounds or specific religious preferences. For example, a Christian couple would benefit more from a counsellor who has similar convictions on topics like divorce.

Sharing similar beliefs with your counsellor will make it easier for you to confide in them and share what you’re experiencing. This is especially important in the first few sessions so you can lay all the issues on the table.

A relationship counsellor shouldn’t force their own beliefs onto a couple during counselling either, so it’s important to have a counsellor who can be objective.

Choose Someone Who Will be Unbiased and Neutral

A professional couples counsellor can remain neutral throughout the journey and never choose sides. They also shouldn’t let their own opinions influence their judgment.

Ideally, they shouldn’t know one of the individuals from previous engagements as this can make them prejudiced. The counsellor has a job to do and choosing your counsellor with the hopes of them taking your side, is not the correct approach.

Furthermore, both parties must agree to the chosen counsellor, or you’ll need to keep on searching for someone else.

Measure Their Desire to Help

A good counsellor who is wholeheartedly invested in their work will care more about helping a couple than extending the counselling process for the sake of making money. This doesn’t mean they should work for free, but a counsellor that has sympathy for a couple’s financial challenges is always a good starting point.

Not all things are meant to last forever. Sometimes a couple’s journey reaches an end, and a divorce might be a better option for the sake of both parties involved. When this happens, it’s important to know that you can trust your counsellor to tell you this or at least refer you to a counsellor with more expertise in that area.

A counsellor who has the couple’s best interests at heart would rather be open and honest than continue therapy that will lead nowhere, while still charging a fee.

Final Words

Choosing the right couples counsellor is never an easy task. There are several things to consider, and the most important part is to be patient while looking for the right counsellor.

It’s vital to start this journey with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with, so take your time. Speak to family and friends and check online reviews for added surety of your choice.

When you meet your counsellor, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their training, experience, and methods. Not only is this your money on the line, but also your relationship.

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