Business Communication Essays – How to Use Evidence to Support Your Claims

Facing problems while using evidence when writing your business communication essays? We have got your back. In this article, we have mentioned the top 3 ways to incorporate evidence by means of central arguments in your papers. Following these tips shall make it incredibly easy for you to produce the best quality essays with convincing arguments.

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7 Tips  to Add Evidence During Business Communication Essay Writing

If you want to craft an impressive essay on any of the business communication ideas or topics, the very first thing that you need to do is to strengthen your research. Once you have gained the best supporting arguments and evidence for your papers, you can use it in your papers to make them the best of all.

But the question here is how to write business communication essays fully backed with strong and compelling evidence.

Well, the following tips and tricks will help you achieve your objective effortlessly. Making your evidence sound reliable to the readers is not as difficult as you may think it to be:

  1. Considering the Type of Evidence
  2. Using Quotations
  3. Using Paraphrasing Techniques
  4. Summarising the Evidence
  5. Choosing the Right Method
  6. Practising Exercises
  7. Editing the Essay

Now, let’s discuss these business communication essay writing tips & techniques in detail and find out how to make your essays the best of all with these guidelines.

1. Considering the Type of Evidence

The essential part of any business communication essay structure is that you have to include evidence in the middle sections of the essay. This type of academic writing mostly relies on the evidence from the verified and published sources to make arguments, and the following:

  • Study the results
  • Make the frameworks
  • Formulate the data sets
  • Analyse the type of evidence

The first thing you need to do is analyse the type of evidence you will reproduce in the internal, external and international business communication documents. You must thoroughly study the nature of your gathered evidence to understand what is expected of you.

The diagram above from Electronic Communication and Business Communications by Michael Chesher and Rukesh Kaura shows the importance of effective business communication for your profitability.

2. Using Quotations

Now, we are discussing the ways in which you can use your evidence in the form of quotations in your business communication essays. For instance, in the case studies written on the business world, you should use all the important statistical data in the form of quotations.

A quotation means anything taken word-for-word from one source and pasted into another document, enclosed in quotation marks. When you use a quotation as evidence, you use it in your essay as a signal phrase.


As an example, you are quoting page 418 of the essay “Prejudice and the Individual” by Gordon Allport; you can use it in the following three ways:

  • “Much prejudice,” Allport writes, “is caught rather than directly taught.”
  • “Much prejudice is caught rather than directly taught,” states Allport.
  • Allport states that “prejudice is caught rather than directly taught.”.

So, if you are working on any topic related internally and externally to the importance of communication in making effective business decisions, ensure that you are quoting the right information from credible sources only.

3. Using Paraphrasing Techniques

Well, almost all business communication essay writers use paraphrasing techniques to make sure that the best information is reproduced in their document in the paraphrased form. Studying the organisational hierarchy of a firm and contemplating the role of effective communication channels in the process?

So, to paraphrase a source as evidence in your papers, you should use as little original language as possible. You will have to keep the essence of the original text intact but convey the meanings in your own words and phrases.

Keep in mind that the length of the resulting passage will be longer than the original one.

4. Summarising the Evidence

Another effective way to use evidence in your business essays is to summarise the evidence and present it in a condensed form. Often, if you are referring to the contents of the interpersonal communication held to ensure employee engagement via instant messaging/video conferencing, it will become impossible to repeat it all in full detail.

Remember that you will have to add fewer details in this passage than the original source. The length of the summarised information shall always be less than the original textual passages in your essays.

5. Choosing the Right Method

Depending on the type and nature of your business communication essays, you will have to choose the right method for presenting the evidence in your papers. Using the right method to present the arguments is necessary because it lays a foundation for the success of your essay. So, out of the three methods mentioned above, you will be at liberty to pick any.

You can also ask for help from your fellows or peers on how to pick the best method for your custom essays. It shall help you finish the papers in the best way you can and get your desired grades in them.

6. Practising Exercises

In case you are not good at choosing the best methods for your work, you should practise some exercises to get better at picking the right methods for using evidence. If that sounds too difficult, you can ask for help from your peers. You can also review some of the business communication essay samples to get a better idea of it.

7. Editing the Essay

Well, this one is a no-brainer – you must edit and revise your business communication essay fully once you have finished writing it. No matter how solid, strong and compelling evidence you use, your essay will inevitably lose its value if it is not free of stupid errors. Therefore, you must edit and proofread your essay before the final submission to the supervisor.

An additional pro tip in this regard is that if you do not feel like editing your essay on your own, you should hire an essay editing agency to erase mistakes from your documents. Also, make sure that your paper is completely plagiarism-free when you submit it.


So, this was all about using the best ways to use evidence in your business communication essays. Following the guidelines mentioned above will help you finish your essays faster and get high grades. Also, your supervisor shall be satisfied with your performance in the papers.

What’s more? Make sure that there is no syntax, grammatical or contextual mistake in your essays and that all the arguments are taken from credible and valid sources. Also, you must use a citation style as preferred by your supervisor to cite your sources.

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