An Overview of JK Moving Services: Beyond Just Moving

The moving industry is multidimensional and plays a pivotal role in countless people’s lives. In 2022, the US moving services industry generated a market size of $22.5 billion, a testament to the impact it has on people’s lives.

Whether you’re relocating locally, nationwide, or internationally to a new home or new office, choosing the proper moving service is crucial to ensuring a smooth transition.

One of the most reputable moving companies in the industry is JK Moving Services, which is more than just your typical moving company.

A leader in relocation and logistics, JK Moving Services has been operating for almost 40 years, providing its customers with seamless relocations and a commitment to exceeding customer satisfaction.

In this article, we will be analyzing JK Moving Services, its specialized solutions, unique features, dedication to safety, and pricing structures.

Navigating the Complexity of Relocation

Moving is an intricate process with many obstacles to overcome. Some of these obstacles include loading, packing, unpacking, logistics, unforeseen costs, damage or loss of possessions, heavy lifting, and so much more. JK Moving Services acknowledges these challenges and provides specialized solutions for overcoming them.

With its comprehensive array of services, experienced staff, commitment to satisfaction, and optional added services, JK Moving Services is the one-stop destination for all relocating, logistical, and storage needs.

Services Offered by JK Moving Services

Residential moving: JK Moving Services provides professional residential moving for local, long-distance, or international moves. Equipped with a personal move coordinator, professional moving crew, home protection, and optional storage solutions, they guarantee a smooth and seamless move to your new home.

Commercial moving: For fast commercial moves, large corporate relocations, or complete decommissioning, JK Moving supplies certified commercial movers trained to complete the moves of businesses of all sizes and various industries.

International moving: For those looking for international moves, JK Moving Services offers comprehensive global relocation. They coordinate global relocation’s logistical aspects with specialized services such as packing, unpacking, transportation, and delivery and serve as intermediate freight forwarders.

Government moving: With over 30 years of experience in government moving, contracting, and reporting, JK moving services are equipped with the necessary means to carry out all government moves with efficiency.

Storage solutions: The company’s storage facilities are available for both residential and commercial use. With a standard protocol of 24/7 security, climate control, and motion sensors for the complete intention of safekeeping possessions for any duration of time.

Storage facilities for commercial use possess extra services due to the delicate nature of the equipment stored. These extra services include a 24/7 customer portal, barcode tracking, debris removal, and controlled access.

Specialized moving services: Aside from the standard features, JK moving services provide specialized solutions designed for each customer’s specific needs.

Some of these services include decommissioning, employee relocation, office moves, data archive centers, office IT and critical environment services, and facility management.

Check out this blog for a detailed review of JK Moving Services, describing the company, its services, pricing structure, and more.

Sustainability & Community Impact in Motion

JK Moving Services heavily emphasizes its sustainability practices, considering the impact of the moving industry on the environment. Using sustainable, green moving practices, JK Moving is able to save over 4.5 million pounds of landfill each year.

Continuously implementing and investing in nonpolluting procedures and equipment to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact, they have also applied daily sustainable tactics such as using recycled fabric, minimizing paper waste by going paper-free, conserving energy throughout the facilities, committing to emission standards, and reusing batteries and oil.

In addition, the JK Community Farm was established as a means to give back to the community and reduce food insecurity. The largest chemical-free non-profit farm in the US, the JK Community Farm continues to make an impact on the surrounding communities while also dedicating its activities to sustainable agriculture.

Pricing Structure

JK Moving typically provides pricing customized to each customer’s needs and cannot be determined upfront as there are several factors that affect the price. For international and commercial moves, it is required of a customer to receive a quote from the company’s website.

As there are several added services for each category, a description of the move is required for accurate pricing. You can request an international quote and a commercial quote from their website.

As for residential moves, JK Moving offers three options to receive an estimated price. A JK virtual self-survey, a JK virtual consultation, or a JK in-home consultation

Because the estimate is heavily influenced by a thorough examination of the home and belongings, these three options help determine the number of hours required, the number and type of trucks required, the size of the crew, and the estimated weight of the shipment for long-distance moves.


In conclusion, JK Moving Services stands at the forefront of the moving industry as a leader committed to providing extensive services that go beyond the typical moving services. Their broad relocation and logistical solutions, including residential, commercial, international, and government moving, along with their storage solutions and added value services, are designed with different customer needs in mind.

Although they do not provide candid pricing for each service, a free quote and estimated costs are available to acquire.

Sustainability is another merit that sets JK Moving apart from competitors. Customers can employ their services with confidence that each step taken has sustainability practices in place to reduce the damage to the environment.

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