5 Work From Home Tech Essentials You Should Have

Work from home setups will not be possible without modern tech such as the internet, computers, and communication devices. Add these five techs and you’ll unlock the ability to work anywhere you like.

Comfortable Ergonomic Chair

Working from home usually means sitting down for hours at a time, so why not make yourself comfortable and healthy while at it? Invest in an ergonomic chair and your back, neck, and limbs will thank you for it. Adjustable chairs and those with lumbar support are necessary, as are extra cushioning.

A Second Display

While it’s possible to work and complete tasks with just a single monitor, you can boost productivity and efficiency by hooking up your computer with a second display. Most computers will have either HDMI or USB-C connectivity so you can choose a larger monitor or a portable one you can bring with you.

Modern Router and Fast Internet Speed

Online connectivity is what fuels the work from home industry and serves as the backbone of quality of life. That said, a slow connection means you won’t be able to get much done, more so if you need to attend regular meetings. Invest in adequate internet speed and match it with a modern router so you can work during the day and relax with your favorite online poker game at night.

A Good Headset

Communication between teams and departments is still important even if you’re working remotely. The headset you buy should have noise-canceling features so you can eliminate background noise.

HD or Higher Camera

In line with a good headset for audio communication, you will need a good camera as well. Most laptops will have an HD camera for video conferences and presentations- these will usually suffice, but for streaming purposes you should upgrade to a higher resolution.

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