3 Tech Sidekicks to Help You Accomplish More in Your Workday

This is the era of productivity. Getting more done in less time is something that everyone is looking to achieve. While it would be great if you could snap your figures and pause time, unfortunately, that’s not reality. Instead, you need to work within the 24 hours in a day, maximizing what you can get done while still maintaining a semblance of work-life balance.

Luckily, you can accomplish more in less time with the right tools. Many of these tools take the more mundane parts of your work and do them for you! This allows you to focus on more strategic work. Other tools are designed to streamline processes, meaning you aren’t wasting time copying over work or constantly flipping from one app to another. Here are three tech sidekicks to help you accomplish more in your workday.

1. SEO Planning and Optimization Software

Doing keyword research, mapping out your content plan, and publishing high-quality content takes time. Once you’ve finally gone through the steps, it’s time to think about your next batch of content. This repetitive process can be tedious and monotonous for editors and marketers. Not to mention, once the piece of content is live you may realize it didn’t achieve the SEO results you were anticipating.

Fortunately, you can automate content audits and keyword research with the right SEO planning and optimization software. These tools know what is going to move the needle from a content standpoint, providing you with real-time recommendations. They can also suggest strategies to amplify how your site is currently performing, looking at what can be done from an optimization POV. They can suggest tactics to help your site grow and attract more substantial leads, without you having to do the research yourself.

The software may suggest content clusters, for example. Content clusters help improve your site’s SEO strategy by demonstrating topical relevance and expertise within a field. Adopting a cluster strategy can assist you in outlining and organizing your content. Rather than having multiple pieces related but unlinkable on your site, with a cluster strategy any relevant topic is linked back to the main content landing page. In the eyes of search engines such as Google, this establishes your authority on the subject matter.

2. Project and Task Management Tool

As a manager, keeping tabs on everything your team is working on can be cumbersome. All of the associated due dates can start to blur together. One teammate is working on one part of the project while another is finishing up something else entirely. With a project management tool, you can track all of these tasks and get an overview of where everything stands. It’s a way to be in the know without micromanaging.

These tools will improve the team’s organization, increase productivity, and ensure every internal and external deadline is met. For you as the leader, these tools allow you to still provide clear directions and objectives without getting into the weeds of each project. You’ll be giving your employees autonomy, while also still managing their projects from a high-level point-of-view.

To streamline processes even more, many project management tools integrate with other apps you’re using. These integrations may include everything from Slack and Dropbox to Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. Files created by your team can be attached to projects with ease and you can see approaching deadlines on your calendar platform of choice. That means no more toggling from one app to another just to check on a project’s progress.

3. Note-Taking App

Sometimes the best ideas occur to you outside of working hours. You may be lying in bed trying to fall asleep when an idea for a new marketing campaign pops into your head. While you could jot it down on a scrap piece of paper, you run the risk of losing it. Note-taking apps allow you to work from anywhere, whether that is during the 9-5 day or outside of it.

Note-taking apps save you time because everything is located within one application. You don’t have to fumble through a notebook or try to remember where you jotted down the great idea. The apps sync automatically across your devices. This ensures you can access your ideas no matter if you’re sitting at your laptop or working on the go from your smartphone.

Many of these apps also allow you to insert imagery, audio clips, and PDFs. This ensures all related thoughts and documented files are together in one place. With a quick search on the app, you can find the requested topic or point you’re looking to refer back to. Another option for note-taking that can save you time is a podcast transcription generator. Tools like this allow you to simply copy and paste a link from a video or audio and convert it to a transcription. Similar to project management tools, note-taking apps can also be integrated with your digital calendar.


To identify what tools will work best for your productive needs, take a step back. Think about the moments in your workday when you feel especially time-crunched. Then, look for available tools that will assist you best whether that means organizing your day or setting yourself up for success. And, remember, a lot of software platforms integrate into tools you’re already using, which can be a time-saving strategy in itself.

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