Terms of Use

eNetGet Terms of Service Agreement

"We", "our", "us", "eNetGet" and "the company" refer to eNetGet Co. Ltd., its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, partners, employees and agents. "The site" refers to www.eNetGet.com. "You" and "your" refer to users of this site, whether registered or not. "Content" refers to any materials or media added to the site by you including text, profile information, pictures, video, and audio.

Welcome to eNetGet.com, a social networking website that provides an interactive environment for members to keep in touch with old and new friends, for information, ideas, opinions exchange or entertainment. eNetGet.com is operated by eNetGet Co Ltd. By signing up and using the site, you accept and agreed to be bound by the following terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service"). This Terms of Service sets out the legally binding terms of your membership and your use of the website may be modified from time to time without prior notice and will take effect upon posting on the site. The Terms Of Service will remain in full force and effect while you use the site as a member or non-member.


You must be 16 years or older in order to register as a member and use the site. If you are found to be below the required age, your account will be subject for removal without any further notice.


You may terminate your membership for any reason at any time by following the instructions in our help section (Contact-us) under the "Common Problems" section. We reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, effective upon receiving a termination notice in the email address you used to sign up for an account. If we terminate your membership because you have breached our Terms of Service, you will not be entitled for any refund of your unused Royal Membership subscription fees. Even after membership is terminated, the Terms of Service will remain in effect.

Site Content

You understand and agree that we may review and delete any content, which in the sole judgment of the company, violates our Terms of Service. This includes but is not exclusive to content which might be offensive, unlawful, and illegal. It also includes content that might violate rights, harm, or threaten the safety of other members.

Any public themes submitted by you during the period of your membership may be retained and used by eNetGet. eNetGet may also collect revenues associated with that content.

A. Prohibited Content:

Content prohibited on the site includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Nudity, pornography, provocative or extremely offensive material.
  • Content that is subject to copyright violation in sole judgment of eNetGet administration and/or reported by the real owner provided with sufficient information and evidence.
  • Photos that are marked as a non-headshot violation in profile photo album. The purpose of this feature is to show other members your face. You may choose to upload a headshot type photo, or leave it blank. For all other kinds of pictures (including but not limited to full body shots, cartoons, or group shots), we provide free and unlimited photo storage. Photos which violate this rule cannot be used as a primary headshot, or used for 'Rate a eNetGetn'. In this case, another photo from your profile pictures will be used.

B. Prohibited Activities.

Prohibited activities on the site include but are not limited to the following

1) Attacks on other Members

Members are subject to communicating in a decent and respectful manner with one another. Any profanity, personal attacks, insults, trolling, etc. towards an individual will not be tolerated. In a social networking site of this nature, conflicts arise naturally. However, be courteous in your communication with other members. The administrators/moderators of the site have the right to remove any harmful or vulgar contents if they do not meet our standards of decency.

2) Abusive or Inflammatory Language

Members are prohibited to post, distribute, or disseminate any inappropriate, discriminatory comments/messages/content. This includes profane, abusive, defamatory, infringing, threatening, obscene, unlawful, and racist, topics or posts. Freely exchanging ideas is the essence of building a strong networking website. However, inappropriate topics or posts are disruptive and inflaming, and are not beneficial to our group of members.

3) Unauthorized Advertisements

Any unauthorized advertisements are strictly prohibited. Members must obtain permission from the company in order to publicize any commercial content within the site.

4) Spamming, Pyramid Schemes and Chain Letters

Spam is defined as any repetitive entries (sensible or insensible) posted multiple times so as to annoy readers or disrupt the harmony of the site. Pyramid schemes, chain letters and messages along this line are also prohibited.

5) Irrelevant Posting

Members must tightly follow the themes of the site including but not limited to gossip, forums and groups. Avoid ranting or rambling off on a tangent. In order to develop an enjoyable interaction and discussion environment it is imperative to tie your posts, entries, gossip stories, topics and comments closely to the mainstream of the discussion and interaction.

6) Nonsensical Posting

Nonsensical posts include but not limited to posts, entries, gossip stories, topics and comments, with little or no meaning, that serve no benefit to members' social interaction and discussion environment. Posts, entries, topics and gossip stories of that nature will be removed.

7) Copyright and Plagiarism

Members should make sure they have permission before posting material owned by others. Plagiarism is illegal and unethical and is not allowed on the site. When using another person's words either from within or outside the site, users should be careful to give credit to the original source, and not represent that content as their own.

8) Harassment of Other Members

Communication to members in indecent, disrespectful, inappropriate, harassing and sexual manner is strictly prohibited. Persistently asking for personal contact information in such a way that it becomes a great nuisance will not be tolerated. Be considerate when you communicate with other members.

9) Scamming

Profiles created for sending scams. This includes but is not limited to invitations to donate money to bank accounts, financial plea letters, and invitations to invest in companies. All users should be wary of individuals asking them to take part in financial transactions.

10) Fake Profiles

Profiles that were created to impersonate or an attempt to impersonate another member, person or entity using personal information and photos that belongs to someone else such as email address with or without full knowledge and consent of the real owner will be banned immediately from the site.

11) Hacking of Accounts

Hacking accounts for any reason is strongly prohibited. Accounts should only be used by the rightful owner of the account information. Should this condition be violated, the company will investigate thoroughly, and the appropriate legal action will be taken.

12) Misuse of Homepage HTML Features

The company provides features for people to add additional HTML to the member's homepage. These features are intended for the member to decorate or change the layout of their homepage. Members must not misuse these feature. Activities which are considered 'misuse' include but not limited to:

  • Codes that hide or remove advertisements.
  • Codes that hide, remove, or prevent operation of eNetGet's top navigation bar and main section of user's homepage.
  • Codes that redirect users to another web page.
  • Codes that give the impression that your page is faulty or terminated.
  • Codes which otherwise interfere with our member's free usage of the site.

13) Use of Malicious Code

Members are strictly prohibited to post, distribute, or disseminate any contents that contains software viruses, bots, worms, files, programs or any other malicious computer code that will interrupt, cause harm and limit the site and functionality of the user's system.

14) Prejudice

Members are prohibited from posting material which promotes racism, sexism, hatred, bigotry; or any attack on an individual or group based on such things as religious belief or sexual orientation. Intellectual debate and sharing opinions and views on these subjects is allowed, but members should use a respectful tone.

15) Trolling

Trolling includes controversial, irrelevant, unsubstantiated comments intended to annoy, antagonize, provoke other users into emotional response or disrupt the flow of topic discussion. Forum administrators will remove contents that may be perceived as trolling immediately, including but not limited to topics, comments, images and homepages.

16) Posts Addressing Administrator/Moderator Actions and Content Violations

  • Reports about content violations including but not limited to topics, comments, messages, photos, journals, groups, events, music, gossip stories, should be done through the report feature found on all content pages. If the report feature is not found on the page, you may send a private message to our Admin account.
  • Discussions about moderator/administrator actions and warning disputes should be done by responding to the warning message or sending a private message to our Admin account. We will only answer disputes about your own reports, we may not answer your disputes regarding other people's violations.

Out of respect for the members, administrators, moderators or policy involved, the aforementioned reports/discussions/disputes should not be discussed in public forums; violations may be removed immediately.