OnePlus Buds to Have Better Compatibility with Other Android Mobiles

Chinese phone maker OnePlus has vowed to release a standalone app that will help Android phones connect better with its OnePlus Buds.

Currently, only OnePlus smartphones are able to take full advantage of the hardware. Non-OnePlus phone owners aren’t able to receive firmware updates or fiddle with some of the wireless earbuds’ settings.

The company mentioned in a Q&A that they will be working on creating an app that will support other Android phone models, but the details aren’t completely fleshed out. There isn’t any timeline on the promise, nor are there any mentions on which models or Android operating systems will be included.

On the Google Play Store there’s the OnePlus Buds app but compatibility is specifically limited to OnePlus devices only.

The OnePlus Buds is a true wireless earbuds that cost $79. It has an open-air design and wide soundstage, as well as water-resistant properties and an IPX4 rating.

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