Amazon Says Preorder Shipment for Playstation 5 May Be Late

Online retail giant Amazon expresses that shipment for the Playstation 5 will be delayed due to high demand.

Those who have preordered the latest Playstation 5 console through Amazon may not be able to receive them come launch day. On social media, people have begun sharing emails from Amazon warning them of the delivery delay.

Sony opened preorders for the PS5 the day they revealed hardware specs and pricing details. The much-awaited videogame console launches November 12 in the US and has a price tag of $499.99 for the standard model and $399.99 for the digital model.

In the Playstation showcase Sony revealed several launch games to accompany the PS5- Hogwarts Legacy, a Harry Potter-themed title and Final Fantasy XVI from the vaunted Final Fantasy franchise. In similar news, Playstation competitor Microsoft recently announced the launch of their console, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, which are priced $299 and $499, respectively.

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