WeChat and TikTok App Store Downloads to be Blocked September 20

Popular short-form video app TikTok will be blocked in the US on September 20 as mandated by the US Commerce Department.

The executive order says that transactions with ByteDance Ltd., owner of TikTok will be prohibited and will take effect September 20th, 2020.

In the past week or so ByteDance has engaged in talks with Oracle regarding the creation of a new company to meet Trump’s concerns about user data security. Just this month Trump laid out an ultimatum that TikTok will be banned unless a US company buys it on or before September 15.

After talks, Oracle has emerged as the winner and has partnered up with Walmart to complete the deal.

The ban rule blocks US downloads of Chinese-owned apps such as WeChat, which will take effect on the said date. TikTok representatives say they will continue to challenge the US executive order any way they can.

Once this takes effect, the apps will no longer be available to download or update in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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