The Nintendo 3DS is Officially Discontinued

Nintendo is finally shutting down production of its handheld game console, the Nintendo 3DS.

A notice posted on its official website reads ‘manufacturing of the 3DS systems is ended’. The 3DS featured a 3D visual effect without the need to wear special glasses. On its first year the device received a lukewarm response, largely due to a high price tag and lack of good games.

Nintendo tried a lower price point and a few games, including a remake of Ocarina of Time which helped sales of the handheld. Then in 2012 a new model with a larger display was launched, as well as the debut of digital games.

The device went on to spread out in the XL and ‘new’ models which include the 2D at a budget price. In 2020 Nintendo announced that the 3DS as a system family had outsold the WiiU by a huge margin- about 76 million units over the course of 9 and a half years.

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