Choosing A Perfect Mirror –Learn How to

A Mirror is the best tool to quickly examine yourself. It helps in evaluating and tuning your sense of fashion to look more confident. Mirrors have a multitude of applications in both household and commercial setups. From dancers and brides to tailors and maids, everyone needs a mirror to adjust their moves or attires.

A lot can go into choosing a mirror that is the best one for your application. The following are some of the aspects that can help you during the choosing process.


A budget should probably be the first thing on your priority list while buying an item. Mirrors come with a varying price, depending on the style and look they possess. The budget for buying a mirror must also include installation charges. A reasonable estimate can be obtained from most of the websites. This makes the buying process less hazy as you will have an idea about the price range of the mirrors.


The amount of area on the wall that the mirror uses is an important factor in making your decision. A dancer needs a comparatively large-sized mirror that serves the specific purpose whereas, a narrow mirror covering 75% wall (in terms of height) is best suited for household purposes. The size can also vary with the placement area. If it is placed near a bed, a polished wooden frame is mostly preferred. When you want the mirror to be a part of the background, an extra-large mirror with no frames can do the job.

Mirrors are available in different shapes such as angular, horizontal, vertical and curved. Shapes have a significant impact on the mood that is to be created and hence must be chosen accordingly.


The thickness of the mirrors significantly depends on their size. As the size can vary according to the intended use or purpose, it is a best practice to keep the thickness of the mirror to an acceptable level. Watching the mirror split or crack during the installation can be heart-breaking. Talking to the manufacturer can help you in deciding the suitable size.


This is a subjective decision to make as there is a multitude of options available. The key here is to choose the one that is the right fit with your home décor. Mirrors with frames are mostly preferred as well as best suited for household purposes than a commercial setup. There are frames such as carved, gilt or ornate which are widely used in ethnic cultures but can also be used in modern ones to intentionally create some contrasting look.


Choosing a mirror with a fancy frame for placing it inside your bathroom doesn’t sound exciting. Knowing where the mirror is going to be placed can surely make your choices clearer. Choosing a mirror that is appropriate for the place or the wall can increase the impact of the mirror. Mirrors on the wall give the place a brand new life. Choosing a perfect mirror that can best suit your home décor can be a little tricky. The above-mentioned things are the most important ones to consider while buying or choosing a mirror

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