A Peek into Texture paint designs

A plain boring wall can now be instantly pumped up with life if you are a person who has a distinctive taste for the seashore, or thick deep forests, or a star-filled night- then bring these scenic beauties to your living spaces- wondering how? Try the newest trend of textured paint designs for your home.

Each wall can be different with a mix of your taste and personality, truly resembling the soul of the people who live in the house and giving fun-filled looks.

Why go with textured paints?

Apart from the eloquent vibe, they offer one needs to look at texture paints from a wide-angle. Firstly they glam up the living spaces, secondly for aging homes with dry walls, instead of putting it through a fresh coat of putty, primer, and paint, it is the best way to shield all the imperfections by textured paint design. You can go from an earthy look to a gothic rusty look- the options are unlimited.

Types of textured paints

The popcorn ceiling is the common texture we are acquainted with. However textured paints leave you with multiple forms and tones too. A deep rough and gritty look is not the only thing a texture paint offers- you will have a smooth textured paint, a sand style, popcorn, deep 3D textures, orange peel, slap brush texture, nude trowel texture, etc. Choosing one that suits your theme and taste is again an art. Do the homework or approach a professional for advice.

How to apply textured paint?

For those DIY crazy folks, it is recommended you select a small patch before doing the entire wall. Give a heads up to the instructions on the paint boxes, arrange all the necessary paintbrushes, sponges, roller brushes ready to start your paint experiment. A lot yourself a good amount of time to finish the painting task, do not give scope for error or the entire wall would be a mishap. It is wise to try on a 2×2 ft corner spot and see the outcome. Or simply reach out to a professional painting service to get the work done hassle-free

Textures paint cost

Textured paints are priced higher in comparison to regular paints. For example, Asian paints royale shyne price Vs a regular primer. Well within INR 600, a planned painting project should sail you through easily.

Here is how textured paint designs add life to your homes

They infuse a sense of belonging adding an explosive look to your interiors. Textured paints are most commonly used in the living area, dining, hallways, and master bedroom keeping a wider area in mind that is easy to clean and upkeep. It is a fact that certain textured designs end up accumulating soft dust over a period, having said this is it wise to paint them on flat surfaces than nooks of the house. 

Another way to tune the textured paints is to go with plain textured designs that have a deepening effect than with a popcorn design, trowel design, or a sand style texture. Avoiding these sorts of texture designs in smaller areas will give you the benefit of cleaning.

With befitting style, texture designs often revamp living spaces in an unexplainable way. They also give the freedom of bringing our favorite themes right to the comfort zones of the house. With a range of options available, textured paint designs certainly call for a try. You can now see the walls and home transform magically.

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