How Notary Public Legalization Helps in Adoption & Documentation? 

The adoption legal process involves transfer of parental responsibility of a child to adoptive parent/s. The adoption process cannot get reversed once the order is approved. The adopted child is not legally bound to his/her biological parents. He/she becomes a permanent member of the adoptive family. Usually, his/her surname also gets switched to their adoptive parent/s. 

Each adoption process includes plenty of paperwork and relevant documents. The adoption agency draws the legal adoption plan after the application and supportive documents get reviewed. Before the adoption process starts, the adopting parents will need to prepare the documents, which need to get attached to the adoption form [A58]. 

Documents necessary for adoption include –

  • Child’s personal identity
  • Letters from doctors and teachers
  • Answers related to special needs children
  • Transcripts
  • Power of attorney
  • A letter stating your purpose to adopt
  • Adoption certificate copy
  • The final order of adoption
  • Many other documents are needed

Were you aware that besides drafting mercantile documents, wills, deeds, and real estate transactions, a notary public also plays a crucial role in legalizing the adopted related documents? Adoptive laws are not so easy to understand because there are strict rules in the UK for people planning for international adoption.

Fortunately, London Notary Marylabonepublic can help you in navigating through the process smoothly. Just like notarizing property deals, adoption documents will need to be authenticated or legalized before they get officially accepted. An adoption decree is a document given by the court stating the parent’s approval of the child to be placed for adoption.

The biological parent/s need to submit a Xerox of this adoption decree along with an adoption application at the concerned offices. The detail includes the adopted child’s full name, adoption date, and location, names of biological parents or guardian, and the adoptive parent/s name. 

The legal process of adoption can be time-consuming, so consider hiring a London Notary. It is a time-efficient and cost-effective solution to use a notary practice to perform the legal work on your behalf. You will need to research different notaries because each one varies in its fee structure.

Shop around and compare prices charged for notarizing documents. Even check, if the potential notary service charges VAT. You will need to discuss with them the deadline for receiving legalized documents. The fees may differ based on your needs of the legalized documents. They can charge more if the need is immediate [emergency] and vice versa. 

Never hesitate to ask questions about the notary legalization process. A notary authenticates the client’s signature and the legalization process includes the authentication of the Notary’s seal & signature by the Apostille or Embassy. Apostille certificate validities the document for use in foreign countries. To get the documents corrected certified by the apostille without any issue, it is wise to hire an experienced notary public. 

A notary public can also help in witnessing the power of attorney paperwork, deeds, and declarations. When you need to sign a deed drafted overseas, then there will be a need for the notary public to be present as a witness when you sign it. 

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