Tips to cover the air vents or walls of your house with mouse mesh

Mice infiltration is one of the common issues faced by every citizen of the world, no matter where you live. Since the homes are warm, protected and loaded with food, thus, these three parameters attract the mice to the homes. They utilize the haziest passages such as air conduits, unfinished plumbing spaces and divider holes to go around looking for food when they plague a house. Mice can climb dividers and fall through holes the size of a little coin, so there’s no halting them on the off chance that they go undetected.

There are occurrences while sealing a structure from the outside will forestall an immediate course of entrance for mice. To prevent mice from entering your home through the garden, using an air brick mouse mesh or fitting an air brick vent cover can help to keep the mouse dropping out of your house.

Keep the mice away from the house for a long time

Air block cross-section can be sliced to estimate and connected to the outside of the air vent with fittings or sealant. Keeping more mice from coming in will make the mice treatment more effective. In any case, mice can likewise venture out from home to home uninhibitedly following the pipework running underneath the floors and inside the dividers.

Subsequently, completing the full mouse sealing of the property at living space level will shield your home from mice. What’s more, sealing the air vent will shield the structure from being pervaded and the mouse sealing from being harmed at void space level. Therefore, you will forestall mice movement and noise under the wood planks and inside the dividers.

 Cover the mouse mesh on top of air brick vent cover:

Air brick vent covers are the bricks intended to allow air circulation in the pit of the wall or to permit outside air into a structure or vents. Since the mice can press in through the littlest holes, any openings under 0.5cm would be sufficient to hold the mice out of the house. These vent covers when covered with mouse mesh can prevent the mouse from entering your houses. 

Prepare the air brick mesh:

The most effortless approach to connect mouse mesh to make air brick vent cover is to drill openings in the neighbouring bricks and use fittings, screws and washers to keep it tight. Hammer drill is required to cover air blocks with mouse mesh. On the other hand, it is plausible to stick the cross-section set up to make mouse mesh grills to avoid mouse droppings in your home. The air brick mesh can have a better segment, however, it would regularly imply that the measurement of the wire is thinner in size and it can certainly break. 


Mice can infiltrate your home with their mouse droppings and can spread infection if infected. Thus, it is important to keep the mice out of your home. Fitting air brick vent cover with a mouse mesh in the walls or air vents can simply keep the mice at bay.

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