Video Marketing is the Hottest Trend of the 21st Century Especially in real Estate Marketing

When Youtube popped onto the scene, nobody would know that it would be the start of a revolution that would revamp entire industries, from the birth of influencer marketing to selling real estate on a global scale. The first video content creators were focused on sharing their lives and skits. But companies and businesses saw the potential in promoting their products, especially when audiences began to take note about the cosmetics that beauty bloggers used. If an average consumer could promote big brands simply by using them, why couldn’t the same be done for household products or even bigger purchases such as cars and real estate?

Selling Houses with Videos

Buying houses usually entailed house-viewings through real estate brokers but what if I told you that a real estate video maker could virtually do the same thing for a fraction of the hassle? All you need to do is to record footage of the house that you intend to sell and put together a house tour for prospective buyers. It’s no secret that home tours are extremely popular with the masses, that’s why we’ve always had programs to give us an inside peek at elusive homes – from MTV’s Crib to today’s Luxe Listings Sydney. But that isn’t all – there’s also a reason why we are drawn to pretty Airbnbs or hotels. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful aesthetics?

Modern Aesthetics and what Audience Desires

Aside from pushing sales, video marketing can also aid in determining the latest trends and test markets on what direction the real estate industry should go in. After the open concept and minimalist trend of the 2000s, we’re seeing an increase of interest in homes which are multi-functional, with rooms that can double up as a bedroom and study, a living area and kitchen, and the like. Perhaps due to the rising costs of owning a home, people are downsizing and making the most out of their space. These trends come hot on the heels of the recent craze of digital nomadic lifestyles and the vanlife aesthetic. Since vans are only so big, people have to get creative in making their spaces both functional and pretty, or be multi-functional. For those who have watched Tiny House Nation on Netflix, you’d know that it isn’t just about living in a car and having that nomadic lifestyle, but simply downsizing on material and space while upsizing on what truly matters.

Getting your Message out there with Visual aid

If you tried to sell homes by opening up with “it’s only 500 square feet” you might not be able to close as many deals as you would if you opened up with a gorgeous video showcasing how much you can fit into 500 square feet. It’s the same with selling any other house. People are visual creatures and you need to convince your clients of the appeal by simply allowing them to view it themselves. Small houses are increasingly popular with the masses, especially during times of crisis like the pandemic that we are facing. Not only do you get your own space and privacy, you do so at a fraction of the price as you would with a full house.

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