5 Best Mattresses To Consider For Your Home Renovation

There could be a million reasons why you plan to buy a mattress. Maybe you moved out and transferred to your new home, your foam is getting old, or you want something fresh for you. With these decisions, you have to think of what you are going to buy for yourself.

One of the important choices you have to think of is what mattress you should buy among your home renovations. The reason for this is, sleep is something that you do every day. It can make or break your day. It can either give you more stress because of the body pain or a fantastic day because of a relaxed body from quality foam.

You can choose from many mattresses while considering such factors as comfort, softness and hardness, durability, your sleep position, user’s heaviness, and many more that will be tackled once the types of mattresses are discussed. Alongside these considerations, your purchase will depend on your individual needs and wants.

There are varying mattresses that have different things to offer a user. With this, here are the options for the best beds to consider for your home renovation.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is one of the most popular choices when it comes to buying a new foam. Aside from being comfortable and soft, it has other added benefits as well. It has unique features where it contours the sleeper’s body, and it is not as bouncy as other mattresses with coils. This is ideal for side sleepers.

Alongside that benefit, pests cannot live within a memory foam. This is good if you see bed bugs and microscopic germs as one of the biggest problems with your sleep. Plus, memory foam is the best mattress for those with body pains because of its extra softness. There are also more budget-friendly options for memory foam.

Its pros also come with cons. First, memory foam is not the best for those who move a lot while they sleep because of its slow contouring feature. It is also not the best for those who consider themselves on the heavy side as it sinks. Lastly, it also traps heat and can be difficult during summer. Good thing there is cooling-gel infused memory foam, although it costs more.


Innerspring or a “spring mattress” is one of the more traditional choices for mattresses. Its materials can be either made from latex, natural fibers, or foam. Innerspring is made with different coils or springs.

This mattress is a choice for those who want to spend less when buying a new foam. Each spring mattress can have different levels of firmness. This is also good for those in need of back support.

This is a good cheaper purchase for back and stomach sleepers. It is also friendly for those who consider themselves heavy. However, this type of foam can be noisy. Although a spring mattress is a cheaper alternative than other foams, it is still less durable, and its life span can only last from 5-8 years.


Polyfoam or “polyurethane foam” is also a good choice for those who still want to have memory foam but consider themselves heavy. Polyfoam can be regarded as a hybrid foam as well. It has a combination of materials from memory foam, spring mattresses, and latex.

It has the durability from innerspring and latex which avoids the sinking feeling of memory foam, yet it is very cushiony.

This mattress is durable and can last for more than ten years. Latex can be considered highly tough. However, it is on the pricier side. Although, it is suggested to invest in a good quality mattress.


Latex can be an organic option as its material is made from the sap of a rubber tree, especially natural latex. Like memory foam, it can also offer some contouring, and it can be great for those who have body pains. The good thing about this choice is it does not sink as much and is suitable for heavier people.

This is the most durable foam, and it can last up to 20 years. It is also the best option for those who are environmentally savvy. However, it is also pricey.


If you want to have customized pros for your mattress, then a hybrid mattress is for you. You can get the best attributes of beds in one. A hybrid mattress can be the priciest choice, although that depends on your chosen materials. It also can have memory foam as the top material with cooling- gel to make the memory foam colder. You can have the best of both worlds.


Individuals have different needs and wants. Good thing varying mattresses can cater to everyone. Just remember, this is an essential aspect of home renovation because a comfortable sleep can genuinely affect your daily life.

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