How to report distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a major issue across the country. Distraction affects not only the driver but also any passengers in the car and everyone else on the road. But what can you do about it? Here are some tips to help with distracted driving.

Be Alerted When Drivers Appear Distracted

When drivers appear distracted by their phone, it can be difficult not to react emotionally–especially if one of those people is driving erratically in front of you. Try not to let anger get the better of you, though; instead, try distracting them, so they stay focused on what’s going on around them.

Stay Out of The Way of the Driver

Stay out of the way of the driver. If you are on a motorcycle, you know this is important. Drivers should focus on driving and avoid distractions at all costs, so stay close by but make sure you’re not a distraction. If they see something in their side mirror that needs your attention, let them know what it is or point it out when they have stopped safely.

Have Your Passenger Take Notes and Record Important Information

In the case of a distracted driver, have your passenger take notes and record important information such as the time and place. Also, be sure to ask for the driver’s name and license plate information.

If you’re in a car accident with someone who is distracted, be sure to contact your local Colorado car accident attorney and give your passenger any documentation that they may need from an insurance company, such as medical records or police reports.

Record Evidence on Your Phone or Other Device

You can also use apps like the Stop Distractions app to help with this process by recording evidence on your phone or another device, so it’s there if needed in court later.

Report It! If you believe someone is driving while distracted, report them to law enforcement using 911 or through Colorado’s Safer Roads Program at 303-298-SAFE (703). This will help deter drivers from continuing their distraction practices, thus lowering the chances of an accident happening soon after.

Don’t Text/Use Social Media While You Drive

It may seem harmless, but those few seconds spent texting while behind the wheel can lead to serious car crashes and injuries. The National Highway Safety Administration says 20% of accidents involve distracted driving and 400 thousand deaths every year because people are using smartphones while operating a vehicle. So don’t text or use social media while you are driving because it is dangerous and illegal.

How to report a distracted driver:

If you see someone using their cell phone while driving, pull up next to them and point at the person. Give your license plate number or call 911 to inform law enforcement that they are breaking the traffic laws. In the event you’re in an accident with someone who’s texting on their smartphone, get as much information from the other person about where he was coming from so that police can find him easier.

Report drivers for reckless behavior by taking photos of his car and the license plate numbers and make/model. Provide witnesses’ contact info if possible too to help corroborate the incident.

Contact the Non-Emergency Number for Minor Incidents

For drivers who are not endangering others, you can contact the police’s non-emergency number to report the incident. Some states have special numbers set up to report dangerous and aggressive drivers. For legal assistance with accidents involving distracted drivers, call a Colorado car accident attorney for counsel.

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