Shop Guiltlessly From These Sustainable Fashion Brands

The fashion industry has a massive environmental problem that needs solutions as soon as possible if they want a habitable planet for future generations to live in. Their contribution to pollution accounts for 10% of the total global emissions, with an annual 750% increase in waste from textiles in the U.S. since the 1960s. These figures are alarming and would only continue growing if the fashion industry doesn’t clean their acts up now. Consumers also have a role to play in making sure you’re buying less, supporting smaller businesses, and making more informed decisions.

Speaking of making more informed decisions, some fashion brands are trying to turn the tides by becoming more eco-conscious with their production. Unfortunately, some are greenwashing their marketing strategies when they’re barely making any efforts to reduce their emissions and waste. So, make that informed choice today, and know which ones you’re buying your clothes from.

Fashion Doesn’t Have To Destroy Your Future

It’s prevalent to see green or eco-friendly products that even fashion is riding on this trend. It’s all good as it will benefit the environment, but some may only be misleading you with their marketing tactics to get you to buy their products.

It should be considered a crime for businesses to greenwash their brand and mislead their consumers. Just look at the big companies being sued now after years of polluting the planet. Pretty soon, there will be cases filed against these fashion brands. But you don’t need to wait for that to happen to know which ones are the real deal in the sustainable fashion scene.

If you think about it, it’s not that difficult to filter through the greenwashers and the actual green fashion brands. With just a few clicks on Google, you would know if the brand you’re supporting is doing its best to become more sustainable.

The Real Green Fashion Brands That Are Changing Their Business Practice

If you want to take the path to a sustainable life, the first thing you can do is to lessen your shopping to lower the demands for products that deplete Earth’s resources and pollute the environment. It would help if you learned to take good care of your clothes by washing them only when needed.

Of course, everyone lives in a capitalistic world where consuming is unavoidable. But when you’re tempted to buy a new pair of shoes, shirt, and jewelry, think twice about it. Maybe you can even save money and the environment when you buy secondhand items instead. If your urge to shop persists, check out brands pioneering sustainable fashion. Here are some of them:

1. Swarovski

Everyone loves sparkly things, especially if they are in the form of jewelry you can wear as a form of self-expression. While jewelry is not necessary to live your life compared to shoes and footwear, some people love accessorizing. But most jewelry brands also contribute to the worsening climate crisis during their sourcing and production process. Fortunately, a big brand like Swarovski is a game-changer and has stepped up its sustainability game by incorporating eco-friendly ways of sourcing and production for its business.

Swarovski has vowed in 2021 to use more environment-friendly materials while educating its target audiences in making a more positive impact with their choices. With these actions, the company is hoping to reduce its greenhouse emissions. So, now you don’t have to feel guilty about buying a piece of new rhinestone jewelry from them.

2. Pangaia

Pangaia is a brand that boasts its products being comfortable and gentle on your skin. Of course, they are all made from sustainable materials like clean fibers and recycled plastic bottles.

Naturally, their dyes are plant-based infused with antibacterial elements to ensure that the clothes you’ll be buying from them will stay fresh for a longer period, cutting down on the washing process. And all the information you will ever need about their production process is available, as the company believes that transparency is vital to make sure their sustainability claims aren’t just some greenwashing tactics.

3. Lucy & Yak

One more thing you can do to help the planet is support independent businesses, which is precisely what Lucy & Yak is. Besides being independent, their products are all made from ethically sourced materials and sustainably processed. They have boiler suits, sweatshirts, dungarees, and many more products that are nothing short of being organic and ethical, as their employees are also paid a proper living wage. Wow, these sound like an impressive record for a fashion brand.

Sustainability Is The New Trend You Should Be A Part Of

It’s refreshing to see a list of fashion brands doing their part in making the world a better place, one shirt, and jewelry at a time. So, you should do your part too.

Meta title: The Sustainable Brands Eco-friendly Shoppers Should Support
meta desc: Greenwashing is a term for fashion brands marketing their products as eco-friendly when they’re not. Which ones should you give you shop from and be sure you’re not being greenbaited?

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