The Impact of Playing PUBG Too Often for Health

At this time, technology has developed so rapidly. These developments ultimately also have an impact on changes in entertainment patterns that exist in the community. One of them is with the emergence of online games.

There are so many types of online games that are currently popular not only by young people, but also many adults who are so addicted to playing online games. One example of a fairly popular online game is PUBG. The online game itself is a kind of game that requires an internet connection to play it.

The game can be played via a mobile device or computer. But you need to know, that playing online games such as playing PUBG too often will certainly have a bad impact, especially for your health. Here are some of the negative impacts that can be caused by playing online games too often.

What are the Health Effects of Playing PUBG Too Often?

Decreased Concentration Level

According to a study that has been done, addiction to online games causes the radiation produced by the game to make gamers have trouble concentrating.

When here you are addicted to playing PUBG, then the structure of the dendrites in your brain will change. By changing this structure, your concentration power will decrease. This will cause you to easily forget and fail to focus.

Lack of Socializing

Playing pubg too often also causes you to be a less social person. When playing online games, someone really prefers to be alone. This eventually causes socialization activities with friends to be reduced.

Yet here socialization is important. Because that way you can exchange ideas, discuss or do other useful things. This is what causes a person to become more individualistic.

Impaired Eye Health

When you play online games for too long, of course, inevitably you will stare at the gadget or computer screen for quite a long time. This will indirectly certainly make the health of your eyes decrease, minus increases, eyes get tired quickly and even damage to the optic nerve.

That’s the discussion that we can explain about some of the effects caused by playing PUBG too often on health.

Therefore, for those of you who like to play these games, you should start reducing the intensity of playing online games from now on to avoid the things we have described above, and we also have recommendations for the latest game sites that can be played directly from your favorite cellphone via which has an official license in Indonesia. Thank you for visiting our site, I hope this article is useful.

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