6 Essential Questions To Ask Your Web Designer

You are looking for a web designer. You have found someone that you like the work of, but before you hire them to do your site, there are some key questions you need to ask. These 6 questions will help determine if this is the right decision for your business or not. It might seem like common sense, but it’s important to make sure that you’re asking all of these things when speaking with potential designers!

1 How long have you been designing websites?

Asking this question helps you to understand how experienced your potential web designer is. Do not be afraid of designers that are relatively new, but make sure they have the drive and motivation to learn their craft well! Also, check their portfolio and have a look at their most recently designed websites,

2 Do you create sites that look great on mobile devices as well as desktops?

The web is no longer just for desktops. More and more people are viewing websites on their mobile phones than ever before, so you need to ensure that your site looks great on all devices. Your website can be the first point of contact with new clients and it is very important to make a good first impression as this also reflects on the credibility of your business. Web design Sunshine Coast designs stunning websites that will make a lasting impression on your clients.

3 Will my website be optimised for search engines?

Having a website that looks great but is not optimised for search engines will result in very few people finding it. Your web designer should be able to explain to you how your website will be optimised for search engines and which keywords will be targeted and why. It is also a good idea to check how the web designer’s website ranks. After all, if they can rank their website well

they will also be able to apply this to yours. Contact us at SEO Sunshine Coast if you need help with the SEO of your website.

4 Do I have complete ownership of all content?

Make sure you retain full rights to any images or other media used on your website as well as the text. This means if there are changes required down the line – updates, corrections etc – these can easily be made without having to pay fees. It also means that no one else has access to make those changes without you knowing!

5 Will I be able to update my own content myself after the site is designed and launched?

You should be able to make changes to your website’s existing content. Ask your web designer what software and tools they use. Also, enquire if they offer training and /or a manual.

6 How many revisions are included in the design process?

This may be the most important question and must be asked before starting the project. Designing a website is a process and it is rare for everything to go perfectly. You don’t want to be stuck paying high revisions fees because you didn’t ask about the process beforehand!

Conclusion: Hiring a web designer is an important decision. Asking the right questions will help you determine if they are the best fit for your project and budget.

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