What Are Antioxidants? And What They Really Do to Your Skin?

Antioxidants, the word sounds familiar, right? But what do we know about it? Many of us know that it is a part of our beauty care products, but very few know its benefits and uses. As we talk about antioxidants today in this article, we will make sure that we cover everything that you need to know about it. 

So, here is the first little idea About it.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances, mainly vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, C, E, green tea that will help your skin from free radicals or environmental damages like UV rays and air pollution. They have the property to neutralize these free radicals, thus protecting your skin from damage. Not only this, but they also help brighten skin, calm down irritations and act as an anti-aging property. It is very commonly found in many skincare products. 

If you want to wake up with radiant-looking skin, then you need to turn to the best skincare products one of them being the Averr Aglow which has the best of natural skincare products. Their anti-aging cream is having all the important antioxidants for skin that are required for cell renewal and will help maintain your skin’s youthful suppleness.

Let us get into details on different Ingredients used as an Antioxidant:

  • Vitamin C: This is also called an Ascorbic acid. It helps to improve the appearance of your aging skin. It is very important to stimulate the reaction resulting in collagen production that helps to tighten the fine lines and smooth your uneven skin.
  • Vitamin A: This is said to be the same as Retinol helps soothe the skin with fine lines, removes all the scars, fills in the wrinkles, brightens your skin, removes any dark patches, and reduces acne. 
  • Vitamin E: This is a natural antioxidant, which does its work very carefully. It helps your skin to fight against free radicals and premature aging. And keeps your skin smooth and soft. Though you might find it very gentle, it has the power to work the best when coupled with Vitamin C. If your skin is not too sensitive, then you can try this.
  • Green Tea: It is very good not only as a drink, but also as a skincare product. Green tea has the power to fight against free radicals and works as an anti-inflammatory to fight against infections and help in healing wounds.
  • Avocado oil: This is mainly helpful for dry skin. As this is made from the fruit, it is rich in fatty acid, which is important to moisturize your skin. It also keeps your skin hydrated making it feel soft and nourished.
  • Ginger root essential oil: It is also an antioxidant that can prevent skin damage by fighting against free radicals. It revitalizes your skin and makes it glow. It removes the lines, roughness, and dullness from your skin.

It is always advisable that before you buy a product, always look out for the ingredients present in it. A chemical free product is something that can make you and your skin healthy.

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