8 new things to try now the world has opened back up

As we come to the tail-end of the Covid-19 pandemic (hopefully), there are tonnes of new activities that we could try out now that it’s safe to go forth and socialise without restricitons. In the first lockdown, we saw lots of people try their hand at new hobbies and now that we can head back out, it may be time to learn that new skill you didn’t get around to in the first lockdown.

Though we’re all back at work now and have less time than we did on furlough, most people found joy in learning new hobbies which is why we think we should use our newfound freedom to grow our skills base! We’ve been looking at some fun things you could learn now that we’re allowed back out of the house again. Check them out below.

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Whether you’re learning to throw clay and creating intricately designed plates, or you’re baking flashy and brightly coloured earrings, learning to use clay is a great hands-on activity you could try now that you can.

This hobby will have you being creative and working with your hands and can be great fun, especially if you attend the class with friends.


Have you always wanted to knit yourself a jumper? Well now is your chance. Whether you attend a quick course on the basics of knitting, learn on YouTube, or study a knitting manual, you will have a wardrobe full of knits in no time and a new skill too!


A fantastic and covid-safe activity to try out, learning to sail could mean a newfound passion for the high seas! This hobby takes place outdoors, meaning you would be a little more protected from infection while learning, and is a great skill to have in your arsenal!

Ice skating

Whether you want to spin and jump and twirl like the figure skating stars of the Olympics, or you want to learn to play ice hockey, getting on the ice is a fun way to spend some of your free time.

You might be like Bambi your first time, but you’ll soon pick up the skill and be gliding around the ice like a pro! (And it’s a great source of exercise too!)

Self defence

Self-defence is a great skill to have, and it can make you feel safer, especially if you are frequently out and about alone at night. Joining your local class can help you to learn these skills and it could be a great way to meet new people too!


Another sea-based activity, surfing can be a fun and entertaining way to spend some free time. You could head to a local surf school and join a class or ask any surfer friends you may have to teach you.

Surfing is an exhilarating way to spend your time and when you finally stand up, you’ll feel like a champion! Why not check out your local surf school today?


A much more therapeutic pastime, learning to paint can help to calm the mind and relax the body. From vistas and views to fruit and pet portraits, painting is a varied and versatile hobby and could begin a lifelong art obsession too!

Learn a language

If you want to add your new hobby to your CV, then learning a new language is a good option! Language skills can help you land new jobs and could help when travelling too. Head to your local language school and find a language you would like to try now!

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