Panic Moves Can Make Getting Insurance Claims Difficult After An Accident In Los Angeles

Getting into a car accident is already stressful and for some mentally draining. Add to the physical injuries and rising medical bills and you are sure in for a difficult ride of life. Getting an insurance claim in the absence of evidence is a nearly impossible task. This is why it is suggested that you must never flee the accident scene instead you should collect all the information that will be required later to file for a claim and take immediate medical help for your injuries.

The right way to deal with an accident claim is to stay calm at the accident scene and after seeking medical aid if you got injured in a car accident, seek legal help from an experienced attorney or a law firm like Fisher & Talwar in Los Angeles. They can best represent your case and help in protecting your interests during the legal trial so that you get maximum damage coverage from your insurance claims. 

Post-accident steps that you must follow

Anyone who meets with an accident can tell you how much panic-struck they got immediately after the accident no matter how minor it was. However, this is what you must avoid at all costs – doing critical mistakes in a state of panic which can work against you during the legal proceedings in Los Angeles. To avoid such mistakes, you must:

1. Stay calm at the accident scene:

  • Having a cool head can help you in dealing with the situation in a more practical way. 

2. Look if you or anyone else have serious injuries:

  • If anyone has suffered major injuries, seek immediate medical help. 
  • If you are the one suffering from injuries, remain in your place until help arrives. 

3. Clear the roadway:

  • If you can, remove your vehicle away from the roadway. 

4. Check for vehicle damage:

  • Make a note of damage caused to your vehicle. Take a picture if possible. 

5. Seek medical help:

  • Seek medical help even for minor injuries within 72 hours of the accident. 

6. Take contact information of the other driver involved in an accident:

  • Exchange contact numbers with the other driver including the license number plate of his/her car. 
  • If there is an eye witness to the accident scene, take their contact numbers as well. 

7. Report the case to the police:

  • When serious injuries are involved, immediately calling the police is the right way to handle law in such cases. 

8. Seek legal help before applying for an insurance claim:

  • Your insurer in Los Angeles does not work in your favor instead they will try to negotiate the claim. 
  • Take help from an attorney before providing any recorded evidence to the insurance company. 

The last thing you should do on an accident scene is to flee the scene, admit your mistake or even blame the other person, or directly talk to your insurer.  

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