Online dating in your 60s: how to find love in the post-COVID world

Many of us have spent the last year and a half cooped up at home – but that’s no fun! If post-pandemic loneliness is getting you down, don’t worry. Online dating for seniors has never been easier. It’s time to click your way to the perfect partner!

Getting started with online dating

First, don’t panic at the thought of finding love online. It’s perfectly normal, and in these post-pandemic times, it’s the easiest way to meet someone new. There are thousands of others in the same situation as you.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a dating profile on a singles site. Look for completely free dating sites for over 60s to get started. Resist the temptation to add strangers to your normal Facebook profile to find love – it will have the opposite effect.

Setting up your profile

When you’re creating your profile, be honest about yourself; getting caught in a lie will kill any blossoming romance. Be positive, too. We’ve all been through a rough time in the pandemic, so a profile full of doom and gloom will turn people off.

Your profile needs to have photos, which you should choose carefully. Go for pictures, which show you doing the things you love. A picture of you walking in the hills or showing off your baking is sure to spark conversation. Your photos should be fairly recent, too!

The opening gambit

Who makes the first move? Life’s too short to worry about that! There are no strict dating-after-60 rules. If you see a profile you like, send a message. Then take a step back. You don’t want to bombard someone with messages. Wait for them to reply.

To ensure you get a reply, personalise your message. “Hello, how are you?” won’t get many results. Look at the person’s profile, and base your message on their information. Be sure to ask a question. Interested in a keen gardener? Ask for advice on growing strawberries!

Getting more personal

If all goes well, soon the conversation will be flowing, and it’s time to talk about more personal things. Dating after 60 often brings some baggage, and it’s best to get that out in the open. Mention your kids and grandkids, if you have them.

If you’re dating after 60 and widowed, things can be awkward. Don’t be afraid to mention your late spouse, but try not to talk about them too much. If you bring their name up in every conversation, your new love interest will feel intimidated.

The art of video calls

What about the first date for over 60s? Well, in covid times that’s very likely to be an online video chat. You may have gotten used to programmes like Skype and Zoom to talk to family members. Now it’s time to use them to find love!

There are a few online dating tips for seniors to make sure your video calls go smoothly. Choose a nice corner of your house to make the call, without clutter or mess. Dress to impress. That doesn’t mean getting all dolled up, but at least change out of your old gardening T-shirt!

Virtual dating

The pandemic has made it very hard to meet people for a coffee in the real world – but online dating for seniors offers some fun solutions. Why not try a virtual date? You can both log onto the website of a favourite museum and admire the exhibits together over a video call.

Virtual dates like this may feel awkward at first, but they’re a great way to chat and get to know your potential partner. They automatically give you something to talk about, so conversation should come easily.

Taking things into the real world

At some point, your online dating has to move into the offline world. Always meet up in a public place, and choose somewhere that’s interesting for you both – a nice tea shop or a museum, for example. With plenty of fresh air, parks are a great choice in the post-pandemic world.

Discuss COVID protocols before you meet. Showing up to discover that your potential partner has opposite views on masks can be a deal-breaker nowadays!

Ready to dip your toe into the pool of online dating?

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