How to Choose a Wire for Coil

Vapers always want flavor in their tanks. If you have been vaping long enough, you will eventually learn to build coils. The first step to doing this is to have a good coil in your vape device


Regardless if you are just wanting a replacement coil or want to start building your own, you have to understand the importance of the wire to your vaping. You must consider 2 areas when you choose a vaping wire. You have to consider the wire’s size and material. These components will help you determine if it will work with your device or not. It also changes the flavor, the heating up time, and the vapor’s overall production.

Aside from buying a 510 vape battery, you need to choose a wire.

What is it for?

The vape coil has an important role in your vaping experience. It forms the coil, and it helps building up heat with the battery and they get transmitted to the wick for heat. When the wick gets soaked with the e-liquid, it will be heated, and then it produces vapor. This is not only for the atomizer but how the vape operates as well.

Wire Gauge

Gauge is the wire’s actual diameter. Normally, vapers use a gauge of 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 32. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire. For example, the gauge of a 24 wire is 0.02 inches, which has a diameter of 0.51mm. The gauge of a 30 wire us 0.01 inches, and its diameter is 0.25 mm.

Different Types of Vape Wires

The behavior of the wire depends on the electricity and heat, and therefore they all have their pros and cons.


This is the most widely used coil wire, and it is so popular. You can easily find this, it is cheap, and usually the starting point for anyone who is building the coil.

Stainless Steel

When you use a stainless steel wire, you get a quick ramp time. This one is also easier to manipulate, especially in creating shapes with a better hold. The nickel content is very low and it creates a minor dilemma for some vapers.


This is among the least used among the ones mentioned so far. Titanium has strong points. You will find it easy to shape, and it easily combines with most wicks. However, Titanium is known to release a toxic compound when it reaches high temperatures.


This kind of wire is composed of nickel and chromium. The good points of this wire include being able to hold its shape the entire time, and it ramps up quickly. However, it can be hard to find and you would most likely have to go online to look for it.

You want a vape wire that us easy to work with and it is among the most important components of a vape. Make sure you buy the best dab vapes for your vape to work excellently.

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