EV Technology – How Does Nissan’s New SUV Hold Up?

Nissan ARIYA Review

The Nissan ARIYA electric vehicle is in great demand yet it fell short of its original delivery time for 2021. This is an all-electric SUV from Nissan, its second EV after the much-famed LEAF. The ARIYA features a brand-new platform that is completely catered for it.

Below is a review of what we currently know about the Nissan ARIYA:


We begin with the heart of this vehicle, aka its electric motors. You get multiple setups of the battery pack. The first one is a 65kWh one that produces around 217 horsepower. The second one’s larger at 90kWh and it makes about 242 horsepower. Both of these setups send the power to the front wheels. 

The ARIYA also comes with all-wheel drive, aka the e-4ORCE drivetrain. This attaches to a choice of two batteries. These provide you with more power that is split between all of the wheels as needed. The transmission on this car is a simple 1-speed automatic that you can find on many EVs. 4WD is available.

The difference these two powertrains make in terms of speed is a lot. The FWD setup gives you an acceleration time of 7 seconds to 62mph from 0. The AWD setup reduces this time to about 5 seconds if you equip it right.

Range and Charging

Now we get to the reason that EVs are popular in the first place: lots of range. The ARIYA doesn’t offer much here as the range varies from 250 miles all the way up to 315 miles, depending on the powertrain you’ve chosen. This isn’t a lot compared to its rivals but we can rely on the fact that it’s just a prototype.

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Interior and Tech

The ARIYA gets a lot of praise for its interior design. It is a handsome cabin with the controls being surrounded by a nicely polished wooden trim. Look closely and you’ll see that there are many Japanese touches to it. It is very spacious as well.

Now, the tech inside this vehicle is also amazing. Some of its coolest features include an intelligent rear-view mirror, and a mirror that shows you the complete 360-degree view around the car. The ProPilot auto parking feature is also available on it, so yes this is a CUV that can park itself.


Apart from the usuals like forward collision warning, automatic rear and emergency braking, there are several other driver assistance systems available on it. There’s also the ProPilot system for autonomous driving. It includes assists for freeway driving, changing lanes and even hands-off driving.

But the ProPilot system’s goodies do not end there. The system also helps maintain a distance between you and the car in going in front of you. apart from that, it keeps you centered in the middle of your lane as well.

All of these offerings show that the ARIYA is the vehicle to get if you want absolute safety.

Exterior and Driving

As awesome as the interior is, the outside of the car is certainly not as eye-catching. It is just a simple crossover shape; there’s nothing too flashy on it like many LED lights or striking shapes and lines. They have clearly kept everything to an unrecognizable bare minimum.

Still, the car does look good, despite being smaller and less wide than its competition. The car has been designed with proportions in mind. So, how does it drive then?

Well, it certainly isn’t as simple to drive as its exterior may suggest. The ARIYA feels very sporty to drive especially if you pick the larger powertrain. It corners pretty sharply as well. Some will complain about its hard suspension though. That’s the downside of having a sporty crossover. 


The ARIYA is certainly an expensive car for the kind of range that it offers. You get 4 different trims to choose from. The cheapest one, aka the VENTURE+, is priced at around $38k and above. Meanwhile the top model is the PLATINUM+, which starts at around $51k.


So, what do we think of the much-awaited Nissan ARIYA? Well, it is a good crossover EV that offers you a beautiful interior, lots of technology, and a sporty ride. Where it lacks is its value for money and its electric range. Either way, it’s a good effort by Nissan who’ve already done well with the LEAF.

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