Top Tips to Create the Best Political Campaign

When you are designing a political campaign, you will need to begin from the ground up.

Think of your political party as a company, and like any company, it needs a brand and a message that people can associate with it. Consider the election of 2008, when Barack Obama and the Democrats’ slogan was ‘Yes we can.’ Fast forward to the election of 2016 where the Republican party’s slogan was ‘Make America Great Again.’ These were not just phrases, but they became part of the campaigns themselves and were printed on party merchandise to that effect.

But What Makes a Good Political Campaign?


Firstly, when you are looking to begin any political campaign, you will need to brainstorm some ideas. This means sitting down and aiming to appeal to the people. What message do you want to send? The most successful campaign messages or slogans are short and sweet. What is a political message that people want to hear? One that is based on the issues of the day, which could be immigration, the economy, and financial safety.

Phrases like ‘Yes we can’ are genius, as are others like ‘Make America Great Again,’ as both highlight the changes that are going to come about if that candidate is voted in.

Staying on Message

It is easy when you are aiming to start a political campaign to become overwhelmed by everything that you need to do. However, it is important for clarity and success to stay on message. Voters will often have a clear ideology at the core of their beliefs, and it is important for you as a representative to keep highlighting that you agree with them fully and will work to bring about change.

Be sure to constantly remind them of what your core message is, which is why it is best to choose a phrase to do so that sums up your stance and is simple to remember.

Get the Message Out

OK, so you have your message figured out and it is catchy. Next, you need to get the message out there to those who will be voting. Not only that, but you will need to try to appeal to younger people too, who may be able to help with other aspects of your campaign.

So, aim to send out flyers, design a website and of course, make sure you are also sending out emails.

Social Media

Another way to connect your political message with a wider audience is to create a social media account. This will help you to get the likes you want (which will hopefully turn into votes) and will act as a great space to create vlogs and post updates. You can even post a campaigning tour on your social media page, too.

Be Composed

It sounds easy to do, but when you are campaigning and you are being questioned by a persistent report, you may find yourself becoming irritated. Always aim to appear clear and composed and talk with confidence, as this will send a message that you are in control and can handle pressure.

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