How Partition Screens can benefit the Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is a wide sector and can cover anything from hotels to museums, however, is mostly referred to when thinking about hotels and restaurants. As a UK office partition manufacturer, we are in touch with the areas that use partitioning and understand how different screening solutions can benefit different areas.

Acoustic Partition Screens

Acoustic foam and fabric are one of the most powerful tools in any loud space. It doesn’t matter if it’s an office, school or a reception area, acoustic partition screens are effective and worth knowing about. In a hotel reception space, where people are checking in and out, guests are waiting or sitting and having drinks, the space can become increasingly loud. Acoustic partition screens are designed to take some of the noise from the space and absorb into the acoustic foam and fabrics.

Noise can be overwhelming and turn a space designed for comfort into a space that isn’t enjoyable. With the addition of acoustic partition screens it’s possible to positively add to the design of the reception, whilst bringing a sense of quiet with lower surround sound.

Acrylic Dividers

Acrylic dividers are a versatile screen as they not only divide but they can be added in a not invasive way. Especially during COVID-19 freestanding acrylic dividers were used to divide tables and seating spaces in a restaurant but didn’t completely upset or disorientate the room design. Completed with a thin frame or no frame at all, the acrylic dividers won’t reduce visibility and manages to divide open spaces without shutting the space off.

Suitable for use throughout restaurants and also in food preparation areas as the acrylic is easy to clean.

Portable Room Dividers

Designed with a lightweight, concertina design, portable room dividers are easy to use and move. In spaces where divisions can’t be permanently in place, portable room dividers enable rooms to be multi-functional. Add and remove the portable panels into any open plan space and divide in sections to maximise how the hospitality space can be used.

The great thing about the portable room divider is how when concertinaed together, the full length unit condenses into a slimline set of panels.

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