How to Order Shell Scheme Panels

Shell Scheme panels are one of many popular choices at a tradeshow or exhibition. How it works is the event will build and secure the shell scheme frame work for you, all you need to do is organize the panels that will fit onto the frame. Whilst the event organizers can arrange the printed panels for you, shopping around in this instance would be useful as you’ll be able to find better prices.

How do I order the shell scheme panels at the right size?

Getting the panels to the right size is incredibly important, as if the panels are printed the wrong size you’ll either have gaps between the panels or they’ll overlap. Either way this won’t look professional.

You can overcome this by contacting the event organiser and requesting the sizes. You’ll be provided with a full specification to show the difference between 2 panels sizes. The visible panel measurements are for the standard panel size and will show the poles of the shell scheme frame between each panel. This option is popular but can be difficult to use a flowing image or text over, as these will be broken up.

Other sizes that will be found are the measurements to the inside of the shell scheme pole. This measurement will enable the panels to appear seamless and allow the natural flow of the customized artwork.

It’s also ideal to be aware that not all shell schemes have the same size panel. There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to reuse the panels as your next event, it will be dependent on the branding of the shell scheme the tradeshow are using.

Once the sizing has been determined, you’ll need to consider how you’d like to attach the panels to the shell scheme frame. Available options include hook and magnetic tape, both options provide a solid connection, keeping the panels in place and can remain on the back of the panel for further use.

If you’re trying to make a more conscious effort with the types of materials you use, eco-friendly shell scheme panels are now available. Printed on to a 4.5mm cardboard and supplied with a fold line in the centre, the eco panels are easy to install, reusable and have an easy to transport size.

Alternate materials include stoplight media and laminate which create the rollable shell scheme panels. The flexible material can be rolled and stored in a carry case for easy transportation. The combination of stoplight media and laminate create a scuff resistant panel that can be reused to effectively display your branding.

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