5 Surprising Benefits of Disconnecting from Technology

Have you ever spent a day without your mobile phone? It’s hard to imagine going offline in your daily lives. You have family members, friends, and coworkers to stay connected. Both life and work will be totally stopped if you go disconnected. That’s why some people always dream of ‘unplugging’ themselves when they’re on vacation. To escape from daily burdens, stress, and noises, having a quiet vacation disconnected from technology can be a time for recharge. Let’s discuss 5 surprising benefits of disconnecting from technology.

Improved mental health

Taking a break from social media and all the internet world is often recommended for modern people. Spending too much time scrolling down your phone makes you feel stressed, anxious and even depressed. Of course, you can set time limits and take a break in your daily lives. But, it’s quite difficult to make such a decision in your homeground. However, while traveling, the environment changes. In a new environment, disconnect yourself from technology. Studies show that excessive use of technology can contribute to stress, anxiety and depression. You don’t need to disconnect yourself for a long period of time. You might need just a few hours or a few days. Having this quiet time for yourself can lead to a better mood and decreased stress levels.


During your own quiet time, you finally get to hear sounds inside yourself. Usually, your own needs and voices are often ignored because of the busy and noisy environment around you. By spending time alone, you get to have a quality time reflecting on your own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Through this time, self-awareness and self-discovery can be increased. Coming back with a better understanding of yourself can be a great outcome of your trip.

Increased independence

In this highly-connected world, we are connected and interdependent to one another physically, mentally, online and offline. Of course, being able to be connected and dependent is important and good. But at the same time, having self-reliance is also important. You should be able to entertain yourself, and feel safe even standing alone.

Better Sleep

When people share their experience of unplugging, surprisingly lots of people say that they have experienced a better sleep. Exposure to blue light emitted from screens of electronic devices actually interferes with our natural sleep patterns. If you cannot spend a whole day without your smartphone, avoid using it only before bedtime.

More meaningful and fruitful connections

Even when traveling, if you are surrounded by different social media and apps, you tend to spend less time with local people. You speak less to local people because you can handle everything online. Technology makes it easier to connect with others, but it also acts as a barrier sometimes. If you disconnect from technology, you’ll get to have more human interaction while traveling – talking, asking questions, chatting, sharing your own stories and experiences, and more.

What if I still want to use technology while I’m away?

If you’d like to have a connection in a traveling country for emergencies or minimum use, you can simply buy eSIM plans. You can use eSIM plans as long as you have eSIM-supported mobile phones. Since eSIM is a digital mobile plan, you don’t need to buy or prepare beforehand. You can buy and use it anytime. So, if you confront a situation where you have to have a connection, go to eSIM store websites like eSIM USA and eSIM Europe. Choose a plan that meets your needs.

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