5 Top Reasons Why a Skid Steer is a Must-Have in Your Construction Startup

If you’re starting a construction business, the good news is that it’s one of the more lucrative industries to be in currently. With the right skills and equipment, you’ll be turning a profit in no time.

Many Australian construction business owners or project managers will agree—investing in a Kubota excavator for sale is a must-have! Our experts share a few reasons why.

What are Skid Steers?

If you’re just learning about the various types of tools and machinery which will benefit your business, you’ve undoubtedly been told about investing in a skid steer. Still not entirely sure what it is? Let’s explain.

Typically, skid steers are primarily used for a variety of different job functions that require digging or lifting. By simply adding one of a wide range of accessories to the front of the machine, you can use it for everything from moving rubble to digging holes for poles.

Since skid steers are smaller than many other machines, they’re easy to manoeuvre around narrow worksites. In fact, skid steers are so versatile that they can even be used in factory or warehouse environments where you need to lift and move packages, pallets or other large materials.

Different Options to Consider

Skid steers are available in three different sizes that make it easy to find an appropriate unit for the types of jobs your company will take on. Keep in mind that costs will vary, depending on the size you opt for. Choices to consider include:

  • A large, framed skid steer is designed for large jobs and features a 2200lbs weight capacity with 70 horsepower.
  • Many companies opt for the medium-framed skid steer because its capacity of 1750 – 2200lbs is ideal to handle the bulk of construction jobs around Australia. With these units, you can take advantage of 50-70 horsepower.
  • For the most part, the smaller skid steer models are preferred by farmers or companies working in the agricultural industry. With a weight of 1750 lbs, a small frame and a horsepower of 50, they’re excellent for manoeuvering around farm areas.

A Wide Range of Uses

Versatility is the number one reason project managers and farmers love these machines and arealways on the lookout for askid steer for sale at a bargain price. In addition to being excellent for use in small spaces, the attachment feature means that one unit can do multiple tasks.

Investing in a variety of different accessories will be considerably cheaper than opting for multiple large machines to do the job. By simply changing the front accessory, a machine can switch from one job to another without causing a delay.

Our experts share a few common uses that make skid steers so popular.

1.     Construction

Skid steers are popular options on construction sites because of their lightweight and compact designs. Many construction jobs also benefit from attachments such as a pavement miller and a cement mixer.

Investing in a few accessories that you will use often will save you the cost of renting machinery to finalise a job. It may also help you land certain jobs faster than other companies because there’s no delay while you wait to acquire or rent the right tools.

2.     Landscaping

Some projects may require landscaping when trees, shrubs and other foliage need to be removed from a particular site. In this instance, you can use a trench digging attachment as well as a bale spear attachment to remove any trees in your way.

3.     Excavation

Attachments such as rippers, trenchers, tillers or wheel saws make a skid steer excellent for excavation jobs. Skid steer attachments are robust enough to excavate concrete, grass, rocks and even asphalt.

4.     Farm Work

Using a skid steer makes farm-related work considerably easier. As with the other skid steer functions, the right accessories make all the difference. Farmers who opt for skid steers enjoy the functions of the following accessories:

5.     Trenching or Digging

If your construction plan involves any type of digging or trenching, the backhoe, trench digger and auger will be great accessories to simplify these processes. Moreover, using the different bucket accessories make it quick and easy to move rubble without taking the soil with them. This is especially handy where you want the area to remain flat and even.

Final Thoughts

With the many uses associated with skid steers, there’s no denying their value for your fleet. If you’re looking for a machine to start off with, you’ve found it!

For questions or tips on this topic, please share your thoughts in the comment box.

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