Twitter Keeps a Close Eye on US Election Candidates’ Security

Twitter has recently added a few extra security measures for key figures and politicians in the upcoming US election.

In June, Twitter experienced a massive social network hack and said it learned from the experience. The company mentioned that it will be adding internal security safeguards to high-profile accounts, including the following:

  • The Senate and House of Representatives
  • The President and Vice-President
  • Secretaries of State and US Governors
  • Presidential candidates, political parties, and campaigns
  • Political journalists and news outlets

These accounts will be receiving notifications to make changes, such as a strong password and others. Furthermore, password reset protection is defaulted so the account holder will need to confirm the password and email address before being allowed to reset their password.

Two factor authentication will be encouraged in the in-app notification to further improve the account’s security, but it won’t be enforced.

In June, notable Twitter personalities were hacked and sent out tweets regarding a Bitcoin scam.

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