4 Best Security Apps For Your Devices

The virtual world can be a scary place with there being so many risks that many users are not even aware of. The pandemic has increased the number of users on smartphones tremendously which has also caused an increase in cybercrimes.

There are security threats like viruses, malware and trojans that pose as a massive threat to your devices. Most devices vulnerabilities are exploited when they are not updated. The internet is not a place that people should be too comfortable with. The safety of your devices should be a priority to so that none of your personal information gets stolen. The biggest threats to most devices are phishing sites, browser trackers and vulnerable Wi-Fi networks.

A cybersecurity software should be used for the privacy of both a business and an individual. IT support companies prioritize cybersecurity software because it helps them keep confidential information safe.


Avast is one of the leading apps for Android devices as it can fight against multiple different threats. The great part for users is that Avast is free, so you never need to worry about your privacy costing you a fortune.

Avast is efficient as it as a detection rate of 99.9%, it alerts you of any spyware or adware that could gain access to any confidential information.


The pandemic has saw a massive surge in the increase of phone related scams., By using Hiya users will be able to identify malicious phone calls and spam. This is another free app that offers great services. If you are a business owner and would like to implement it on business devices then you can do so with a fantastic business package.

Find My Device

A lot of attention is paid to the software security side of things. What we need to remember is that those apps are pointless if you do not even have a device to put them one. You could simply lose your device, or it could be stolen. Find My Device is a great way to track your phone should anything happen to it. Employees of Managed service providers London have found this app very useful when they have misplaced their device.


Threats like ransomware and malware should never be taken lightly as they can cause a lot of damage to your devices. Malwarebytes is able to detect these significant threats and wipes them out when your device has fallen victim to them. Before using the internet it will let you know if it is safe or is there is anything suspicious lingering about.

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